Nothing like a Pandemic to expose a System in Crisis Boris Johnson had a garden party while telling […]

CSD Berlin 2021

A strange Christopher Street Day Berlin for 2021. How do you celebrate a festival during Covid?

Chat Cinema

For this Chat Cinema Podcast the interview centres on Shooting Star pick Actress Seidi Haarla. The Finnish native […]

In May

Entering the second year of Covid lockdowns. After 14 months, perhaps, the end of the tunnel is near. […]

On Floyd

One of the few times in my life when I have known an American police officer has been […]

Failure into Failure

The systemic failure of many European leaders is not glaring. Last year this time Chancellor Merkel with a […]

Black Mirror is REAL!

Walking down the Berlin’s most commercial Boulevard on Saturday during the midday. After three months in lockdowns, this […]

Not Missed?

TISK! TISK! Trump, the Political Foil is gone along with his spotlight antics. No longer do we have […]