Month: November 2021

  • In Memory of Virgil

    In Memory of Virgil

    I happened to go over my Twitter account last night, suddenly, to my shock, on the Louis Vuitton account there was an announcement of Virgil Abloh‘s passing. My first thought was Covid. After reading the announcement Virgil lost his battle to cancer at age 41. As the first African American head of a major fashion […]

  • Black Friday Shopping 2021

    Black Friday Shopping 2021

    To do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome is insanity. Einstein For the second Christmas in Berlin the city has been placed on Covid restrictions. Did it work last year? It’s according who you ask. Back to where we started from in 2021. The difference from 2020: 2G and […]

  • On Brett Johnson Part 2

    In the second part of the Before Tacky Podcast, we speak to luxury menswear designer Brett Johnson from Milan about his style influences. Check out part one of the interview with Brett.

  • BER Works, Sort Of Not

    BER Works, Sort Of Not

    WORTH IT? The Berlin Airport continues to be an embarrassment. So much for German Efficiency. After a tortuous process, many false opening dates, BER finally opened in 2019. The new airport has been plagued by one crisis after another. Limping its way along from one step from insolvency to bacteria in the water. The recent […]

  • Christmas 2021 Gift Idea

    Christmas 2021 Gift Idea

    I tried a Garmin during the lockdown and then in the gym. My quick verdict: I want one. Stay Tuned for a more complete review.

  • A Keeping It Real Wine Tasting

    When thinking of wine tasting, what comes to mind? Romance and sophistication enters the head. In the town of Ipsheim, Franconia, the occasion was more real. A local feel, sitting around a kitchen table with a Lazy Susan in the middle. As we were trying one bottle after another, more people came in, sat down […]

  • The GENE kicked in.

    If you happen to be along the Almafi Coast in Italy head to Salerno for a bit of menswear shopping. Walking on the Via Mercanti in the old city I saw Ferlazzo Giuseppe store with a sign posted of 50% off. My “SALE GENE” kicked in. The two floor store carries some stylish Neapolitan pieces.

  • Before Tacky Podcast Talks Style with The Outlierman

    Before Tacky Podcast Talks Style with The Outlierman

    Normally I have a podcast interview office to office. But this time it turned out a bit different. I sent Andrea Mazzuca the link for the podcast. Mr. Mazzuca was in his sports car. Check out the interview below.