Month: June 2021

  • A Modern Decameron

    A Modern Decameron

    An interview with artist and film director Rita Hui on her film Decameron. A Your film is about resilience, how would define this?  I think after 2019, we (the Hong Kong people) have ben mental prepared about the action from the government. During the time in 2019, one of the slogan which become the most […]

  • Stralsund Surprise

    Stralsund Surprise

    A local staycation delayed over the past few months finally happened. A travel to North Germany in June, not exactly the warmest summer destination, but well worth it. I was not familiar with Stralsund. A medieval Hansa League Baltic port city in Mecklenberg Vorpommern 280 km from Berlin.  Having no expectations on my first visit, […]

  • Round Up from Tribeca

    The Tribeca Film Festival ended last week. I got a bit busy, but, I have a run down of the films I screened: The Last Film Show Legend of The Underground Lost Leonardo Queen of Glory Kubrick by Kubrick Miss Panama Bitchin: Sound and Fury of Rick James Last Meal Mark, Mary and Some Other […]

  • Hansa


    Stay tuned for the North Germany Hansa City tour.

  • MFW Coming Soon

    MFW Coming Soon

    I have not forgotten Milan Fashion Week. I’m watching the new collections. Stay tuned for all the coverage.

  • Tribeca-The Fury

    When I saw this film on the Tribeca Film Festival Schedule. I put it on my list. Bitchin:The Sound and Fury of Rick James tells the story of a Funk Master Rick James from the highs and lows. Stay Tuned for the review.

  • Tribeca Film Fest-Shorts

    Tribeca Film Fest-Shorts

    It always a delight to discover talent making short films. This season there is no shortage of choices and themes. Nando is a touching tribute to dreams and hard reality. Last Meal, what would you want for for your final supper? Liza Anonymous, a funny take on generational zeitgeist. An honourable mention goes to Death […]

  • Last Film Show at Tribeca

    Last Film Show at Tribeca

    Should I or Shouldn’t I? How many stars do I give a film I like? I decided on 4.5 stars. The Last Film Show is worth a watch for every film lover. Stay Tuned for the full review. Screened at the Tribeca Film Festival.

  • Lady Boss

    Lady Boss

    I just screened Lady Boss-The Jackie Collins Story from the digital Tribeca film Festival. A story of a woman driven to success by insecurities. Was Ms. Collins a feminist? Stay Tuned for the full review.

  • Tribeca Day 1 Impressions

    My first day at the virtual Tribeca Film Festival. My first impression of the overall films: technically superb, polished, broadcast quality, indeed ready for a streaming service. These are filmmakers with an end goal concerning their work.  While I have not seen broad risk taking, after viewing a few features, the message here is: I […]