Month: October 2020

  • My “Primal” Binge

    Yes! I am a cartoon, or should I say animation fan. Once in a while I binge watch a series here or there. I came across Adult Swim’s Primal by accident while searching over a site.  The story of a Prehistoric Man’s friendship with a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Spear and Fang have one extraordinary adventure after […]

  • Same Story, Different Day

     Anna Wintour hit the headlines of the New York Times yet once again for the wrong reasons. The proclaimed most powerful woman in the fashion world has been under heavy criticism for Vogue’s lack of diversity.  Black voices sidelined at the publication were the norm.  Fashion magazines were or less country clubs for the elite. […]

  • EAT, ME and Paris

    Why should Lily Collin have all the fun? Get ready for my stories from Paris.

  • Chat Cinema-Theaters

    What is the current state of cinema going? Not so good.

  • Coats I LIKE for 2020

    Coats I LIKE for 2020

    Winter is Coming.  I am a big coat fan.  I believe having one for everyday of the week is not enough.    My seven picks.

  • Men Reloaded

    New Episodes Coming Soon  

  • Under Siege

    Under Siege

    The past few days in Berlin felt like a Battle. The Rigger Strasse protests show a city not managing gentrification well. On one side, the police, on the other, protesters.  The clashes went on day and night.  At Times It Felt A Battle  The city had a Donald Trump attitude flexing its muscle. Police from […]

  • The Runway in Paris

    News from the runway in Paris.  The catwalk returned to the city for this season. 

  • Directors Notes on “SAMP”

    An interview with film directors Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza from the Venice Film Festival.   1.This is your sixth feature film in a 30-year career that has encompassed Television, shorts and medium-length films. How difficult is it nowadays to get a film financed?  Flavia: “Escoriandoli” (our first movie) was the only film we shot […]

  • Kenzo Takada

    France 24 pays tribute to icon Kenzo.  A trailblazer designer who brought a new aesthetic to the fashion world.  Colours mixed with prints were his staples.