Month: June 2020

  • A Digital Gym Partner

    A Digital Gym Partner

    Like everyone, I am making the most of working out, running in the park everyday, sprinting on stairs. But my gym recently opened with new protocols, less equipment, new routine. Change is good, but I wanted to turbo charge my workout. Garmin watches have a reputation of durability with a fitness following.  My first impressions: […]

  • Has It Changed? Not Much!

    I started looking over the Instagram accounts of the some of the big department stores. All express solidarity with Black Lives Matter.  It is great PR.  However, sadly, the shopping experience has not changed over the decades.  When I went shopping in the American South with my family as a child I remember store staff […]

  • Black Fashion Designers

    Harpers Bazaar takes a look at Black Fashion Designers over the years.   

  • Travel Longing,,,

    I was looking over vintage airline posters longing. Back in the old days traveling was alluring, fun, easy, a bit of glam.  .  As vacation season starts in the New Normal, the surreal sensation stays with me. I have been planning on another staycation.  The thought of getting on a plane in the near future […]

  • Summer Sunglasses 2021

    Summer time, Sunglasses for 2020.  What style do you want to wear? Going over the collection, I found a pair I liked for people watching. In Berlin, my friends at Schoenhelden Optics give tips.

  • Will Anna Stay?

    Will Anna Stay?

    The famous silhouette at Fashion Week for the past 32 years. The perfectly coiffed helmut hairstyle. Oversized sunglasses. Statement Necklace. Calf-length dresses. Admired, feared, and copied, Anna Wintour commanded attention. Whether on purpose or not, when she entered the room her presence was felt far and wide.  As the daughter of famous newspaper editor Charles […]

  • Get There with a Credit Card

    Outlet Shopping in Ingolstadt.  All the brands at incredible prices.   Coming Soon 

  • Back in the Gym

    Back in the Gym

    Friday, June19th. After 90 days of not going to the gym, I finished my first week working out indoors in the New Normal. March 12thwas my last training session before the lockdown. Thankfully in Berlin there was not a complete closure. I managed to run everyday in the streets and the local parks.  Weigh In  […]

  • Berlin to Frankfurt

    A lot of shock news from Berlin, next stop Frankfurt.  Check out my take on the events.

  • New Normal Workout

    I returned to the gym after 90 days. New Rules in the New Normal. How do you follow them and stay on a program?  Stay Tuned