Shopping after Lockdown

Berlin partially lifted the lockdown.  On Saturday I decided to go go to the KuDamm, the city’s main […]

Berlin Reopening-Friday

The city has eased the lockdown but shoppers are staying away from malls.   Demand has dissolved.   […]

Shopping, Post Lockdown

Berlin partially lifted the lockdown form the Coronavirus Crisis. Stores up to 800 meters may open. But the […]


The first film based on the life of famed music artist David Bowie.  Stardust tells the story of […]

Only 30 Days

The classic Aesop Fable of “The Ant and The Grasshopper” is about being prepared while the other played. […]

Macy’s,,,, REALLY!

I checked on family members the other day. Like everyone living in a lockdown, I reached out for […]

Ivanman Masks

Ivan of IvanmanThe Pieces Mask Collection Mask on the Face Ivan at the sewing machine The fashion world continues to respond […]

Berlin’s New Normal

My second feature on the “NEW NORMAL” in Berlin.  Normally bustling plazas and streets, now eerie silence.   […]

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Queens Speech

We wonder what is the purpose of the British Monarch? A gilded bubble, of an elite class. A […]