Month: November 2019

  • Chat Cinema Reviews

    Check out our latest episode of Chat Cinema Podcast.  What is new at the movie theatres this weekend? We give you a rundown. 

  • Coming Soon, Florence

    We are counting down to Florence.  Pitt Uomo for all the menswear tends. 

  • Our Black Friday List

    While on a Saturday visit for lunch at a local department I decided to make a Black Friday List. What are the basis for these recommendations? I was with a friend wondering around a local department store. We browsed, looking for gift ideas on different floors and departments. Some items we have, others what we […]

  • Red Carpet Inspired

    Check out the quick interview from the Milan Fashion Week with Designer Nitin Kartikeya.  I interviewed him at The Hub.    Sponsored by #CanonDeu

  • My Berlin to Munich Trip

    I took a business trip to Munich on the Deutsche Bahn recently. Booking a first class ticket with a reserved seat to the Bavarian city is a must. Once,,,, I made the mistake of taking D Bahn without reserving a a seat. No Thank You! “Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame […]

  • Reminds Me of Fall

    Reminds Me of Fall

    As I walked to the bakery on the wet, dreary fall day my mind went back to a fashion presentation at Milan Fashion Week. The problem: I cannot remember the brand name. I think the show was on the schedule but for some reason it evades me.  The brands looks were based on strong knitwear. […]

  • Outerwear ReDux

    Outerwear ReDux

    The setting for the Fay presentation was impressive: A large space in the company’s head office with blue screen. Secondly, I liked the collection of  menswear and womenswear outerwear based on re-interpreted  classic looks.  A change from the brand’s normal DNA. From the Fay Presentation

  • Say Strong

    Say Strong

    How about a collection that says “me now”? I did not know the Paula Cademartori until a fashion colleague asked me to accompany her to the presentation at a Milan antique store. The designer goes for strong fall statement accessories with bags and shoes.   From Milan Fashion Week 

  • Man Made Accomplishment

    Watching the documentary “Man Made” the other day made me think.   In the 21stcentury transgender people continue to have a precarious existence in our society. Violence, unemployment, rejection, and death always lie in wait. The average lifespan of a transgender person is 30, a frightening statistic.  Director T. Cooper’s focuses on 4 transgender men. Each […]

  • Chat Cinema

    Chat Cinema returns with new episodes.  We weigh in a number of current topics.