Month: August 2019

  • Call Beyonce!

    Call Beyonce!

    Shoes are fabulous items. Some creations should be worn on the upper part of the body instead of the lower. During Milan Fashion Week, Aquazzura presented its Fall 2019 collection that gives the word “bling” a new meaning. My first thought, call Beyonce. Queen B needs to wear these on stage. Creative Director and Founder […]

  • The Last  Days of August

    The Last Days of August

    The last days of August and summer.  It’s  never too late to get the right bathing suit for a last minute trip to the beach.  Maybe in September there will be good weather.  If not, there is always a pool. We cannot guarantee they are as soothing as the ones at the Aqualux Hotel.    […]

  • The Fashion Eco Warriors?

    The world has now become social media politically conscience.  It is hyper connected movement of righteousness mixed with moral superiority.  If iOS shuts down, heaven help the world.   Predicting what Millennials and Social Media want is hard. They post one thing to be a part of a movement but purchase the opposite in stores. […]

  • IFA 2019 Coming Soon

    IFA 2019 is around the corner. Our coverage starts September 4 from Berlin. 27 halls filled with A.I.,Virtual Reality, Connectivity, Headsets, and Automotive devices. All the latest news and trends from world’s most important consumer electronics show. 

  • Chat Cinema talks #MeToo

    This Chat Cinema Podcast came with a lot of thought. We debated on how to cover the topic.  The #MeToo Movement has affected every part of the entertainment industry. In light of the revelations, Hollywood is going through a period self reflection. I worked in the film business. The “casting couch” was very much a […]

  • Late August Look Now!

    Late August Look Now!

    At the Aqualux Hotel during the “What to Wear In August” shoot there was a moment of inspiration. We decided to act. The hotel has an outdoor barbecue night with live entertainment. Guitar player Simone Clementi performed some sets with his singing partner in front of dinner guests.  1.Borsalino Hat & Robinson Les Bains Swimwear […]

  • Lux not Overdone

    Valextra, the Italian handbag maker produces pieces based on luxury not overstated flash.  Each bag makes a statement.   I have been a fan of the brand for many seasons.  The brand is a favourite of Oprah Winfrey.  Checkout the video from Milan Fashion Week.

  • A Kid Again

    A Kid Again

    When I was a kid I loved plane spotting at airports. Granted I am from a second tier city with an airport capacity of a few flights a day. Delta Airlines controlled the region. All the liveries were usually Boeing 727’s. I could look up in the sky and knew the time by a passing […]

  • Love the Unexpected

    Love the Unexpected

    During Milan Fashion Week I had a very pleasant surprise. I did not plan on attending this presentation. A friend of mine had to talk me into it. Keep in mind on top of the 100 or so appointments I had on this day adding another was not something I wanted to do. I decided […]

  • What to Wear in August, #2

    What to Wear in August, #2

    In the middle of August you should be wearing these swimwear looks. What better way to make a beach style statement. By wearing handsome designs each with its own characteristics of colors, fabrics, and cuts.    Model-Elia Cometti from Elite Models  Photographer-Ivan Siggillino, Assistant-Simone Toson, Make Up and Hair-Lorena Palmieri   Shot at the Aqualux […]