Month: August 2018

  • IFA Berlin Day 3

    IFA Berlin Day 3

  • IFA BERLIN Day 2

    IFA BERLIN Day 2

  • IFA DAY Day One

    IFA DAY Day One

    IFA 2018 coverage sponsored by Canon Camera (WERBUNG)  A day full of surprises at IFA.   The market for consumer electronics is going strong.  Many brands are becoming design focus as technology moves into every room of the modern house.  I was in a state of shock when an IFA colleague told me the new […]

  • Fashion Fusion at IFA

    Fashion Fusion is an initiativeby Telekom bring together design, fashion, and technology in all shapes and forms. More conceptual than practical, or even wearable.  These looks are an interesting interpretation of the what we “MAY” wear in the future. Imaged sponsored by Canon Camera /Webung 

  • He Gives Good Face

  • Tag Heuer Preview from Paris

  • Black and Paper Lifecast

    Black and Paper Lifecast

    Life is too short to be sooooo POLITICALLY CORRECT!

  • From The Hall of Giants

    From The Hall of Giants

    During my trip to the Baroque City of Dresden, I visited the Resident Castle Museum in the center. The Riesensasal or Hall of The Giants, retains 350 objects from the fifteen to seventeenth century. The Electors of Saxony believed in splendor. Their Suits of Armour worn for battle, jousting tournaments or royal parades of pageantry […]

  • Marshall Major III: A Tech Review

    Marshall Major III: A Tech Review

    Headphones are objects of tech popularity. Black is the new Black with centered white letters is the latest style trend in my fitness circle. While at the gym I noticed a number of members using Marshall’s. The connected fit sect has moved on to a new brand. Bold colored head devices with a stylized “b” […]

  • The BIG Game!

    A throwback image from IFA Berlin. For many this is a Game and Screen  dream come true.  Be careful of what you wish for! Stay tuned for IFA 2018 coverage starting August 29, 2018.