Month: April 2018

  • Just Fabulous!

    A Black and Paper film recommendation.  This summer will be full of blockbusters film offerings;  Avengers:Infinity War, Han Solo, Deadpool, Jurassic World.  If you are looking for something a out the ordinary  but with a twist of the extraordinary check out the documentary based on Mr. Andre Leon Talley.  

  • Shut Up!

    Black and Paper interview with filmmaker Philipp Jedicke, his first film, “Shut Up and Play the Piano”  a mockumentary following the life of Musical Artist Chilly Gonzales premiered at the Berlinale. Why did you choose to make a documentary as your first film project? I interviewed Chilly Gonzales when I was a journalist. As I learned […]

  • Cannes 2018 from France 24

  • Lagerfeld

    Always A Good Quote! A man who is always good for a frank quote even if does not fit in our politically correct times, Karl Lagerfeld is never short on words or his opinion.  Numero magazine interviews him for a cover story. I can only say his responses were funny, refreshing, dripping with wit from […]


    The documentary on Grace Jones:Floodlight and Bami Live with Friends opens in the US.  The legendary performer allows filmmaker Sophie Fiennes to document her life in this extraordinary film capturing an icon at her most vulnerable. This is our second posting of the film.

  • Beguiling at Doma Domir

    I loved this model at the Damir Doma presentation so I waited until she got into a look so I could produce a video of her in one of the designers looks.

  • In with the Old, Out with the Smart.

    In with the Old, Out with the Smart.

    The best way to avoid all the issues of data collection and privacy matters, go retro.   A classic is always in style.  Are smartphones falling out of fashion? The more we learn about data gathering, the answer is becoming clearer.  In the Age of Hyper Connectivity,  digital arms length is looking like a safer […]

  • Loves His Job!

    A throwback video from the Ivanman Fashion Show at Berlin Fashion Week. Black and Paper was backstage, models getting ready, crew members preparing for the runway show. We turned our camera on a make up artist waiting to finish for a male model to ask him a question about his work. Powered by Canon Cameras. 

  • Toodles, Facebook?

    Toodles, Facebook?

    Given the current crisis involving Facebook and CA, Black and Paper has decided to place its Facebook account on hold, no more postings for the moment. Although no laws have been broken, we feel the current level of trust is eroding on the social media platform. Why? It was an open secret about the Data […]

  • Menswear Trends for Spring 18