Month: March 2018

  • Cifonelli

    During Milan Fashion Week Men John Vizzone gave a quick rundown on his latest collection.

  • Gender Bender Ruler

    Gender Bender Ruler

    Defiant in the Age of Trump, Ricky Rebel plays the gender bender rules his way. The Los Angeles based performer, singer challenges the notions of fashion, style and masculinity drawing inspiration from trailblazing icons. Black and Paper exclusive interview with singer Ricky Rebel. Were there personal conflicts concerning your sexuality while being a boy band? […]

  • Podcast REAL!

    Podcast REAL!

    Black and Paper PODCAST coming soon covering all the topics we love from fashion to relationships to travel.

  • Not Just Eye Candy!

    Not Just Eye Candy!

    Can a model speak? The answer is YES!They are more than just attractive faces attached to lean physiques. We interviewed one of these handsome men to prove there is more than eye candy to guys who make menswear clothing look good at Fashion Week.  Stay tuned here. Powered by Canon Camera.

  • Images from Manga Comic Con Leipzig

    Images from Manga Comic Con Leipzig

  • Book Lovers Dream

    As a child I loved books and bookstoes. I would and can spend hours browsing shelves, picking up different titles, reading a few pages. I decided to attend my first large book fair only 72 minutes away by train, The Leipziger Buchmesse. Spread over 4 halls for 4 days, this is a literature lovers dream […]

  • Bulgaria from MFW

    Bulgaria from MFW

    Luxury fashion brand Bulgari produces luxury handbags for the exclusive buyer.  Strong leathers and prints are signatures of the brands accessory line. Am I a fan? Not for me but I can see the appeal for clients looking for exclusive bling.

  • Paris Fashion Week from France 24

  • Goodbye to an Icon

  • What Comes Around

    A Black and Paper interview with director Reem Saleh. The filmmaker’s documentary “What Comes Around” is a glimpse into the lives of people residing in a poor area of Cairo, Egypt neighborhood. What Comes Around avoided Western Stereotypes of People lives in the region. There were human factors, not the 2 dimension images shown on […]