Gender Bender Ruler

Defiant in the Age of Trump, Ricky Rebel plays the gender bender rules his way. The Los Angeles […]

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Podcast REAL!

Black and Paper PODCAST coming soon covering all the topics we love from fashion to relationships to travel.

Not Just Eye Candy!

Can a model speak? The answer is YES!They are more than just attractive faces attached to lean physiques. […]

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Book Lovers Dream

As a child I loved books and bookstoes. I would and can spend hours browsing shelves, picking up […]

Bulgaria from MFW

Luxury fashion brand Bulgari produces luxury handbags for the exclusive buyer.  Strong leathers and prints are signatures of […]

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What Comes Around

A Black and Paper interview with director Reem Saleh. The filmmaker’s documentary “What Comes Around” is a glimpse […]


Black and Paper is preparing for the Berlinale 2019.

ITB Berlin 2018

Where to GO? How to GO? When to GO? The ITB is the world’s biggest travel fair, 26 […]