Month: October 2017

  • Brice Hardelin at W Hotel Paris Read the Black and Paper exclusive interview Coming soon.

  • Grace Jones Preview

    A Black and Paper Recommendation To say that Grace Jones has been a force of nature for over 40 years would be an understatement. Original. Iconic. Stunning.    How does the 69 year old artist do it?  Sophie Fiennes’ documentary film explores the singer, model, and actress life and influences from her roots in Jamaica […]

  • May The Force Be With Us

    May The Force Be With Us

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away.  To say we are having fun testing the new Tie Fighter Star Wars War Drone would be an understatement.  Everything about it is an experience from the packaging to the first flight. Stay tuned for the review.

  • Yves Saint Laurent Museum Opens


  • Romance Not Needed

    Is there a price difference between a Homosexual Date and Heterosexual Date?  I learned there is on some levels.  While having a pleasant conversation regarding relationships and dating with a straight friend the chatter took a turn dating and investments.  Dating for straight men is like an investment.  Women like to be wooed,,, romanced.  Straight […]

  • The Sunset Inspirational Festival

    The Sunset Inspirational Festival

    Black and Paper exclusive interview with Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival Creative Director Sandra Seeling. Would you say filmgoers are looking for different stories and narratives?  In my experience as a festival programmer, filmgoers want to be surprised and inspired. They want to be taken out of their daily routines and experience new adventures and new point of […]

  • One Last Time

    One Last Time

    During Pars Fashion Week I decided to go to Colette one last time.  How sad I was, the legendary boutique of style is closing at the end of the year.  The usual electric atmosphere of shoppers looking over every item from basic reader glasses to designer sneakers. Japanese designer Sacai was the brand of the […]

  • Style is a Click Away

    Outfittery is a successful Berlin based start-up company founded launched in 2012 by Anna Alex and Julia Bosch. With 300 employees and over 500.000 customers it has become a model of merging fashion and technology with premium customer service. Black and Paper sat down for an exclusive interview with Outfittery co-founder Anna Alex at her […]

  • Antonio Croce at Milan Fashion Week

    Antonio Croce at Milan Fashion Week

  • France 24With Fergie