Month: December 2016


    New Year’s celebrations means letting out your inner FABULOSITY! This is a time to use color to express your optimism for the New Year. Chanel Dior All of these items are available in stores worldwide.

  • The Best Word in the English Language

    The Best Word in the English Language

    SALE! These items are for sale at GREAT PRICES!

  • Colette Experience

    What is a trip to Paris without a visit to Colette on Rue Saint-Honore?  Always an experience, never dull, this boutique is a world class destination for fashion and trends with hundreds of distinctive, diverse items reflective of its status as first class shopping destination. Black and Paper Chat during Paris Fashion Week in Colette. […]

  • Hasselblad Review

    Hasselblad Review

    Hasselblad X1D Review How did you start as a photographer? I became a photographer by chance.  I was studying International Relations in Paris, then panning to go to London to study law but as fate would have it I had a good friend who was a photographer.  I began assisting him then fell in love […]

  • France 24 reports on the death of George Michael

    France 24 looks back on the iconic career of singer George Micheal.  YES! We were fans! For more news on George Michael:

  • Happy Holidays from Black and Paper

    Happy Holidays from Black and Paper

  • FIMA from France 24

  • Tech Sexy with Hasselblad and Filippa K

    Tech Sexy with Hasselblad and Filippa K

    The Hasselblad X1D is the latest model from the esteemed camera maker but what makes this medium format picture taking device different is the fact it is mirrorless. Compact, powerful, and rugged but with impressive handling dynamics. We tested the X1D by producing fashion shoot with Black and Paper Creative Colleague Dale Grant featuring looks […]

  • Black and Paper Christmas List 2016 Travel

    Black and Paper Christmas List 2016 Travel

    It was not easy choosing a destination this Christmas Season.  There were so many factors regarding the decision, ranging from safety to geopolitics to experiencing the new and undiscovered or the adventure. Tel Aviv, Israel and Colombia stood out because each one possesses so many unique qualities that reward a traveler.  I know, one is […]

  • Berlin

    We are still in a state of shock of what happened in our home city at the Christmas Market, 12 dead and 48 injured, our heartfelt condolences to the all the victims.  The details are still sketchy as to who and why performed this act of violence. Given its 20th century history,   Berlin became a […]