Milan Fashion Week Part 6

Milan Fashion is timeless elegance based on a clean aesthetic. Antonelli Firenze L27 Bulgari    

Milan Fashion Week Part 5

Does Milan have a signature style?  If making the best clothing is a signature style, then I would […]

Milan Fashion Week Part 4

Milan Fashions are a combination of elegance and sex appeal for the woman who wants to show her […]

Milan Fashion Week Part 3

Think Italian! The Milan Fashion reality is constructed on color with timeless sensual appeal.   It is a formula […]

Milan Fashion Week Part 2

Milan Fashion Week  is inspiration and delight in  many forms and colors for next Spring.   The sense of […]

Milan Fashion Week Part 1

Ciao Bello! Milan Fashion Week highlights from the Black and Paper.  Never dull, the northern Italian city continues […]

10 Corso Como in Milan

10 Corso Como 10 Corso Como is a Milan Fashion Boutique in Milan founded in 1991 by Carla […]

iPhone 7 impressions

I went to the Apple store to see the latest releases.  They look sleek.  they feel good in […]